Spectrum Week 2024 Speakers

Our lineup of 2024 speakers is subject to change. Check back often to see a complete list.

Supervising Computer Scientist, Principal Scientist
Professor, Education and Workforce Development Director of SpectrumX
Deputy Spectrum Manager, National Radio Dynamic Zone (NRDZ) Project Director
Principal Signal Processing Engineer
Group Director Spectrum
Vice President of Wireless Technologies
Senior Manager, Comsearch; Board Member, Past President, NSMA; Chair, NSMA Working Group 3
Chair of SpectrumX External Advisory Board, CEO of Roberson and Associates, Chairman of the The Marconi Society
Founder, Environmental Health Trust, Author "Disconnect"
Vice President, Technology and Spectrum Planning
Sheafor–Lindsay Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science
IEEE DySPAN Conference Chair, Research Director of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative at Virginia Tech
Deputy Director for Research
Chief Scientist of the WTR, Co-Author "Cell Phones"
President Emeritus
President of NSMA, COO of The Balance Group, Board Member and General Counsel of the Environmental Health Trust
Managing and Collaboration Director, SpectrumX
Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
PhD, Incoming President, EHT, Chairman Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Hampshire
Research Professor • Faculty Director of the Computer Science Coursera MS Program
Associate Professor in Computer Science
Vice President
Chief of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Division
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
VP Emerging Technologies
Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Policy Outreach Director
Director of Wireless Standards and Policy
Senior Project Engineer
Interim Broadening Participation Director for SpectrumX, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Fellow
Author, "The Urgent Need for Regulation of Satellite Mega-Constellations in Outer Space"
Endowed Professor, Smead Aerospace Engineering Sceinces; Associate Director of SpectrumX
Hugh Macaulay Endowed Professor of Economics
SVP and General Counsel
AT&T and NSMA Board Member