David Debretch

David Debretch

Vice President of Wireless Technologies


About David Debretch

David Debrecht is vice president of Wireless Technologies at CableLabs. In this role, he directs the execution
and adoption of new wireless technologies and specifications for the secure delivery of high-speed data, video,
voice and next generation services for CableLabs members and the industry.
David has over 35 years of experience with wireless technology solutions in both government and commercial
applications. He has served in a broad range of technology and product development roles, including various
positions in R&D, product management, and technology development. David started his career at General
Dynamics developing radar, radar warning, and electronic countermeasures platforms on the F-16 fighter
aircraft. He moved to the communications industry in the mid-90s with Nokia developing radio base station
solutions. He successfully filled many different roles within Nokia for 25 years, the latest of which, before
moving to CableLabs, was CTO for the U.S. and Federal business organization.
David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University. He enjoys the
outdoors and participates regularly in both organized and unorganized outdoor sports and recreation.