IEEE DySPAN Demos and Posters; Papers Coexistence 1; Papers Satellites

May 14, 2024 @ 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

  • Monroe I, Monroe II, Washington I, Washington II, Washington III
  • DySPAN

About Session

These sessions are for IEEE DySPAN attendees.

IEEE DySPAN Papers Session B3 – Satellites will be held in Washington I.

  • Context-Aware Spectrum Coexistence of Terrestrial Beyond 5G Networks in Satellite Bands
  • Reducing Satellite Interference to Radio Telescopes using Beacons
  • ASCENT: A Context-Aware Spectrum Coexistence Design and Implementation Toolset for Policymakers in Satellite Bands

IEEE DySPAN Papers Session A3 – Coexistence 1 will be held in Washington II and III.

  • Coexistence-Assured Automated Policy Generation for Dynamic Spectrum Access Management
  • I2S Attack: Exploring MITM Attack on Satellite Communications by Spectrum Shared IoTs*
  • Market Models of Security Investments with Shared Spectrum*

IEEE DySPAN – Demos and Posters will be held in Monroe I and II.