John Volakis, Satheesh Bojja Venkatakrishnan, Kannan Srinivasan


As worldwide wireless traffic increases at an alarming rate, existing wireless networks may no longer be able to keep pace with these technologies, implying a need for new rhythms and targeted innovations. Concurrently, security protocols must be adapted to avoid eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. In parallel, we are witnessing rapid advances in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). Further, increased adaptation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) may require large swaths of bandwidth and high data rates.

To address the above challenges, the proposed research aims to develop next-generation flexible and secure wireless networking with adaptive RF front-end and back-end cross-layer algorithms that enable spectrum efficiency and high throughput via novel relay architectures, all with end-user protection in mind. Namely, a new class of low cost and low power secure MIMO transceivers with >100 dB transmit/receive isolation are proposed along with Flexible Radio architectures, capable of providing 1) AI-based effective spectrum utilization and/or coexistence, 2) Innovative transmitter and receiver technologies through cross-layer design, and 3) Improved security by detecting Man-in-the-Middle attacks and other eavesdroppers.