Yi Shi, Tom Hou, Wenjing Lou, Scott Bailey, Eric Burger


The objective of this project is to design efficient spectrum coexistence schemes for satellite and terrestrial systems. A unique challenge arises due to the presence of passive users in satellite systems, whereas previous designs have primarily focused on active users. Consequently, our design must incorporate specific considerations to cater to the requirements of passive users. We study the deployment of 5G base stations near passive users such as Radio Astronomy facilities. A critical challenge is managing aggregate out-of-band interference within predefined thresholds. To address this challenge, we develop an effective strategy using power control (including turn off completely) at 5G BS to meet the interference protection constraint. We develop an optimization problem based on the lexicographic minimization objective and an optimal solution. In a case study for the Very Large Baseline Array (VLBA) site in Hillsborough County, NH, we show that our solution can have 82% active base stations (vs. completely turn off).