Chung-Tse Michael Wu, Narayan Mandayam, Waheed Bajwa, Shaghayegh Vosoughitabar and Hariharan Venkat


This project exploits the spatial dispersion control capability and introduces time modulation for MTM (metamaterial) unit cells. The proposed research will create an intelligent space-time modulated MTM antenna aperture which can provide not only dynamic control of radiation characteristics allowing improved spectrum utilization, but also PHY (physical layer security) secure transmission for wireless links enabled by directional modulation. Moreover, a hybrid model-based and learning-based approach (HyPhyLearn) will be incorporated to conduct channel classification even under limited training samples for authentication. The proposed IST-MTM-based secure communication scheme along with the HyPhyLearn channel classifier will have a profound impact in next-generation wireless networks by providing a highly secured and spectrum-efficient communication scheme, which can be deployed in future 6G networks for smart homes/cities, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, and MIMO transceivers to provide spectrum efficient secure communication links in a multiple access setting.