Wenting Wang, Ping-Keng Lu, Yahya Ezzeldin, Hao Liu, James F Mcmillan, Christina Fragouli, Mona Jarrahi, Chee Wei Wong


Maroconi pursues the idea of building a wireless communication link using Hertzian waves which is considered as the first demonstration of wireless communication system. The wireless data rates have been increasing two-fold every 18 months so that the higher and higher carrier frequencies need to be exploring to enhance channel capacity. In recent years, Terahertz band communications have been attracted considerable attentions to meet the ever-increasing demand for the speed of wireless communications. In this poster, we present a THz wireless communication system based on chip-scale Kerr frequency comb and broadband THz photomixer. The spectral shaping Kerr comb injects into the broadband THz photomixer for generating multiple THz carrier. The power of the generated THz can be tuned by controlling the input power of the THz mixer. Finally, the optical modulated data signal is moved into the baseband by two stages heterodyne mixing.