Lingjia Liu, Yang Yi, and Zhi Tian


To improve the overall spectrum utilization of the wireless ecosystem, this project develops a holistic Intelligent Dynamic spEctrum Access (IDEA) framework that can substantially enhance the spectrum utilization, energy-efficiency, and coexistence capability of spectrum sharing networks. In IDEA, enabling technical innovations across multiple disciplines are synergistically developed, including neuromorphic design of energy-efficient computing hardware at the device and circuit level, and artificial intelligence for spectrum sensing and dynamic access at the network level. Key technical innovations are developed across the network to substantially enhance system-level spectrum utilization and active-passive radio coexistence. Specifically, analog/mixed-signal spiking neural network (SNN)-based neuromorphic computing hardware is designed to provide on-board intelligence at ultra-low power for resource-constrained secondary active radios. Model-free deep reinforcement learning is integrated with wireless domain knowledge and the SNN platform to accelerate learning-based spectrum access and coexistence. Advanced spectrum monitoring techniques are developed to quickly detect and characterize various signal emitters in both active and passive services. Finally, software and hardware testbeds are developed for system level evaluation and tradeoff optimization. The IDEA framework not only empowers efficient spectrum access in highly dynamic wireless environments, but also facilitates holistic system design and optimization across devices and circuits, sensing and communications, and networking.