Daidreuna Donaldson, Shawna-Lee Pommells, Alliantha Dervil, Erika Noel, Dr.Deidra Hodges and Dr. Herman Watson


This study investigates the variations in cellular network infrastructure across economic regions, focusing on the Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) as a key indicator of signal strength and quality. Utilizing ArcGIS mapping software and smartphone testing, data on RSRP levels, population density, and economic indicators are collected and analyzed across diverse regions. Findings reveal disparities in RSRP values, indicating differences in cellular signal strength and quality among economic regions. Factors such as population density, urbanization, and regulatory policies are identified as influencing variables. The implications of these variations on digital connectivity and economic development are discussed, along with recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders to address disparities and enhance network infrastructure in underserved areas.