Larry Theran, Rafael A. Rodríguez Solis


This project consists in the development of a millimeter-wave receiver front-end, characterized by its Size, Weight, and Power plus Cost (SWaP-C) requirements. The front-end encompasses a low-noise amplifier and a self-oscillating mixer that will be seamlessly integrated with the antenna system. For the receiver design, a MMIC PH15 process based on a 0.15 microns gate Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistors (0.15 microns P-HEMT) technology from UMS has been selected. For the design of the LNA and Mixer the impact of the gate widthand number of fingers on the pHEMT performace was investigate [1]. The cascode topology was selected for the LNA, which makes it unconditional stable, and the Mixer was designed using a double balance topolya. These advanced receiver systems are specifically tailored for employment within distributed spectrum monitoring systems, as well as integrated arrays designed for the purpose of interference mitigation.