NSF Spectrum Week: May 13 - 17, 2024

Join us for the second annual National Science Foundation (NSF) Spectrum Week 2024 will be held in Arlington, Virginia on May 13 – 17, 2024.

This week will bring together six major spectrum events: three major programs funded through the NSF Spectrum Innovation Initiative program (NRDZ, SpectrumX, and SWIFT), co-location with IEEE DySPAN 2024 to foster publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed research results, National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA) industry trade group will join their Annual Conference to the programming, and NITRD Wireless Spectrum R&D Interagency Working Group (WSRD IWG) will wrap up the week with a workshop on the National Spectrum R&D Plan.

Bundle NSF Spectrum Week access during checkout for SWIFT / NRDZ / SpectrumX attendees.

No IEEE DySPAN access. Intended for SWIFT / NRDZ / SpectrumX attendees.

Register here for Tuesday and Wednesday NSMA meeting. Use NSF Spectrum Week registration for all other days.

One Week, Six Events

SWIFT PI Meeting, NRDZCOM4, and the NSF SpectrumX Center Meeting. The National Spectrum Managers Association (NSMA) will join their annual programming with meeting. Stay tuned to learn more about each meeting’s agenda, including breakout sessions, poster sessions, a career fair, and evening gatherings to foster collaboration across the spectrum ecosystem. 

This image shows a room full of people at 2023 NSF Spectrum Week. They are facing a stage and speaker at the NSF headquarters in Alexandria.

SWIFT PI Meeting

NSF's fundamental research program in spectrum science and engineering. Includes: program and project updates, poster sessions to interact with each research team, and a community work activity.

This image shows a room full of people facing a presentation on a screen, with a speaker at the front of the room. This image is from 2023 NSF Spectrum Week at the NSF headquarters.


NSF’s program to advance the use of dynamic spectrum sharing. Features multiple interactive discussion sessions and a community work activity.

This image is from a panel during the SpectrumX center meeting at 2023 NSF Spectrum Week. There are five panelists at a table with microphones, with a host at the podium

SpectrumX Center Meeting

Featuring the world's largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders are invited to innovate, collaborate and contribute to research, policy engagement, and workforce development projects. SpectrumX will showcase center-funded research projects, host panel discussions, and foster community engagement through a career fair, poster sessions, and evening social gatherings.

IEEE DySpan text is pictured against a blue background with connections that look technological


IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN) 2024 unites industry experts, academics, and innovative minds from across the globe and serves as a platform for pioneering advancements and collaboration in the radio frequency spectrum realm. Brace yourself for engaging presentations, illuminating discussions, and networking opportunities unlike any before. Let's step into the future of spectrum technology together!

This image is the NSMA logo, featuring the acronym prominently with "National Spectrum Management Association" underneath.

NSMA 2024 Annual Conference

National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA) annual conference's topics promise to be as diverse as its participants, and with increasing spectrum congestion, reallocation, sharing, and repurposing, it's more important than ever to understand the radio spectrum environment from all angles.

This image has a person speaking to a panel that is on a stage. The four individuals on stage are taking notes. This image is from the NTIA Listening Session in 2023 that was hosted at the University of Notre Dame.

WSRD Workshop on the National Spectrum R&D Plan

As directed in the recent National Spectrum Strategy, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is working through the NITRD Wireless Spectrum R&D Interagency Working Group (WSRD IWG) to develop the National Spectrum R&D Plan. This workshop is an opportunity for industry, academia, and the public to engage in dialog with the WSRD IWG authors on the potential content of that plan and follows a recent Request for Information. (Note: RFI Deadline is 3/21/2024)

Convenient Location

Hilton Arlington National Landing

The Hilton Arlington National Landing is conveniently located near Washington D.C., minutes from Reagan National Airport.

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